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Welcome to Mirabaimusic

Mirabaimusic is the overall webpage for the musical activities of Forrest Tobey and Lynnell Lewis. Here is what you will find:

The Music of Off Chants

Off Chants is an Indian-Jazz fusion group that Lynnell and Forrest formed in the 1990s after living in India for three years in the late 80s and meeting two Indian-trained musicians that they subsequently reconnected with in the US. This group composed and recorded 14 tracks that reflected a unique blend of jazz, folk, India Classical and Western art song.  It features John Protopapas on sitar and tabla, Jan Eyre on Hindustani-style vocals, Danny Harvey on saxophones and both Julia Billington and later Sean Finn on Bass. Lynnell was the vocalist and Forrest played piano and guitar. Everyone sang harmonies.

This link will take you to a flash player where you can hear all the tracks that Off Chants recorded.

The Music of Forrest Tobey

Forrest Tobey composes both modern music in the classical idiom as well as contemporary songs. 

His modern classical music includes works for orchestra, choir and orchestra, voice and orchestra, voice and piano, solo piano, and interactive computer music, a field in which Forrest has gained a reputation as an innovative Buchla Lightning performer. Samples of this music are posted here.

Recently, in June and July of 2009, he returned to his earlier work as a "singer -songwriter." Tenof his recent songs have been uploaded to this page in demo versions. They are influenced by Tibetan Buddhist practice within the context of contemporary life.

As some of Forrest's music becomes available for publication, these works will be listed here.

The Music of Lynnell Lewis

Lynnell has written a large number of chants that  grow out of the meditative experience. These chants will soon be recorded and be available on this page. Lynnell also leads chanting workshops, and a schedule of her workshops is available here.

Lynnell currently has a private voice studio. This page will have information regarding her current teaching philosophy and schedule.

The Music of the Chanterelles

The Chanterelles was a trio that Lynnell and Forrest founded in the 1980s when they lived in Bellingham, Washington. With singer Steve Jensen, they created a unique sound, inspired by such diverse singing trios as Peter, Paul and Mary, Crosby, Stills and Nash and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. While their music was only recorded live and been preserved solely on old cassette tapes, it seems worthwhile to archive this music here, as no music should be lost and this was a unique moment in time. This page features a number of songs that Forrest wrote in the 80s as well as some choice covers. They are joined on many tunes by Bellihgham saxophonist Mark Kelly.

Links to Forrest's music theory course

Forrest is an associate professor of music at Earlham College. He has been developing a website based on a unique approach to the teaching of music theory. This site is available for public consumption.

Thoughts on Music and Spirit

We wish to complete this website with  a page that links together thoughts and reflections on music and the spirit.